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Of Wilco Posters and Sustainable Picture Frames…

Wilco Poster 2

One of the most enjoyable things you can do in life is stop and pay attention to how this connects to that, especially when like-mindedness is involved. 



In January 0f 2009, our very good friends Steve and Jana needed some help with cork and marmoleum floors.  We were seeking good content for our very young blog.  So I took a little trip to their home in Madison, WI and we banged out a couple of sustainable floors in a weekend, with the Flip Cam rolling of course.  The resulting blog post about DIY Cork and Marmoleum Floors is still our most popular post.  Thank you Steve and Jana!

What does this have to do with Wilco Posters?  Well, please bear with me for a few sentences and I’ll tie it together.  

In April of 2009 Mingyan Bao, who we met via Green Drinks and Redirect Guide networking events, was kind enough to guest blog about Sustainable Picture Frames for Your Art & Photographs.  This has since become the second most popular post on our blog.  Thank you Ming!

Back to Steve and Jana, and on to Wilco.  Last October, I met up with them in Chicago for a Wilco show at the UIC Pavillion.  And a fabulous show it was…30 songs total with a 10 song encore!  Here’s the set list  for you hardcore Wilco fans who may be reading this. 

Later, Steve informed me that the unique poster from the show was available for purchase at the store on Wilco’s website.  POW!  I knew we had to buy it and visit Ming’s shop in Loveland, CO to have her team work it into a sustainable picture frame.

It took us awhile to execute and blog about it, but we finally got the poster purchased and framed in a sustainable Framerica® product as you can see in the image above.  Between Ming’s magic on frame and border selection and dumb luck that the colors in the poster totally match our wall colors, we couldn’t be happier with the result.

So fast-forward to February 19, 2010 and we’re at another Wilco show in Duluth, MN with Steve and Jana and other great longtime friends.  Now it looks like we’ve got another cool poster we need to buy from that show

It is important here to point out Wilco’s many causes.  Their posters, benefit shows, downloads for donation and so on support a long list of sustainability, community and global initiatives .  Thank you Wilco!  For making incredible music and making the world a better place in other ways as well.

OK, this post wouldn’t be complete without tying in Ariana and Evan, our great friends here in Ft. Collins who we also met via the Redirect Guide.  They were the ones who took me and Lara to our first Wilco show at Red Rocks last summer.  Thank you Ariana and Evan! 

It is worth noting that they are about to remodel their place and their project includes installing new cork floors, for which I have been recruited.  Funny how this connects to that!!