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Fort Collins Solar Rebate Program

February 8, 2011 Leave a comment

As a follow-on from my recent post about Rebates and Credits for energy efficiency projects, it looks like the City of Fort Collins has funds available for Solar PV (among other things).  I am a little late in posting about them. It sort of slipped in under the radar, in that  City residents could begin submitting applications  January 31 of this year. But in my experience, if I didn’t know about it until now, chances are most of the public didn’t either!

It looks like the City will provide $1.25 per watt, up to 3 kW, so I think you could receive $3,750 for a 3 kW project. (That is probably the minimum a family would install for a Solar PV project.) They require that the system must be tied to the electrical grid, among a host of other rules. At the same time, it looks like you could get a comparable rebate from ReCharge Colorado (see my earlier post) and you would qualify for the Federal Rebate as well. So a project might get $7k or $8k covered by credits and rebates, it appears.  Not bad!

So if you had been thinking about doing a Solar Photovoltaic system this year, you need to know that the deadline for applying for this City rebate program is Feb 28, 2011. It looks like if applications exceed the available funds ($110K) they will have a drawing, so it’s definitely not too late to apply.

However, it’s going to require that you have a meeting with professionals and have your system mapped out and have an energy audit completed in order to submit your application for funds. And you need to be pretty serious and ready to roll, as the system would need to be installed within 6 months of being promised City funds.  To find out more, I suggest you go to the City of Fort Collins website and review their information and instructions.

If  Solar PV isn’t in the cards for your current home, but you’d really like it in your next place, make sure you contact The Green Team Real Estate when you start looking for homes. We are the one real estate company qualified to help you find the right place that will work for Solar.  And we can connect you to the professionals to assess your new location and do your project.

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