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The journey to a more eco-friendly home…

January 15, 2009 Leave a comment

…a quest to help save the planet by providing a practical, useful and hopefully even inspirational forum for more sustainable living in homes that are built green, or improved via green makeovers and green remodeling projects.  We’ll be blogging about: 

  • Simple Starts – energy conservation, energy efficient lighting, water conservation and purity, toxic free living, reuse and recycling, indoor air quality, and not-so-big living;
  • Rewarding Refreshes – green home updates and green remodeling using healthier, sustainable materials; 
  • Interesting Investments – rental property investments with a green exit strategy; 
  • Green Gigs – relevant fairs, festivals and gatherings focused on sustainable living, and 
  • Beautiful Builds – eco-friendly and built green home construction. 

We hope that you will follow our blog, comment freely and even contribute to it by sharing how you are working, like we are, toward a planet of eco-friendly homes, one project at a time.

Sincerely, Lara and Dave